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Let’s face it, United Nations agency doesn’t love separating these classic sandwich cookies and dunking them in milk. There’s a reason classic become classics, and oreos square measure a major example. And for real, not a lot of (if at all) is lost during this protein free and keto version. If something, you’re gaining freshness and flavor and losing all the processed junk.

Plus, suppose 1g internet carbs a pop! And be happy to think about the vanilla cream filling as a mini fat bomb, a keto-ideal state of affairs.

p.s. the bottom formula for the cookies is incredibly the same as our grain free and keto skinny mints. thus you’ll be able to continuously fix a batch and add vanilla cream filling to 0.5 (i.e. Oreos) and dip the remainder in peppermint chocolate (ie. skinny mints). Double win!

The Chocolate 🍫

Without fear of stating the apparent, keto oreo recipe square measure one semi-sweet chocolate cookie. As in really black. Such hue (and ensuing taste) is that the results of part replacement cocoa powder with a black cocoa.

Having aforementioned that, you’ll be able to continuously simply use all regular cocoa. merely expect a lighter hue.

For the Dutch-processed alcalescent cocoa we have a tendency to continuously suggest Valrhona, acknowledged to be one among (if not the) best cocoas within the world.

The Flours
Oreos square measure historically a wheat cookie. to create them protein free and keto, we have a tendency to found that super fine almond flour did a killer job (solo!). Add slightly of xanthan gum, and we’re golden.

In terms of brands, for the almond either Anthony’s or WellBees work nice. each square measure super fine grinds.

The Sweetener 🍯

This formula works best with Swerve, while not a doubt. Not solely is it roughly 1-to-1 in sweetness to sugar (and the quantity is vital here), however it lends a awfully similar crunch and chew. No alternative sweetener did that.

Just note that erythritol (i.e. Swerve) takes a minute to crunch up post-baking. thus offer your cookies ample time (think anyplace from 2-4 hours) to urge nice and crisp.

Also confine mind that, the maximum amount as we’re fans of xylitol normally, it ends up in chewy instead of crisp cookies here (as it takes up to every day or 2 to travel back to it’s solid state!). thus no xylitol please. And just in case you’re curious regarding Pyure, we’re ne’er fans of stevia (in any form or form) returning in-tuned with chocolate (a not-so-nice aftertaste). however if you’re proof against it, technically Pyure conjointly works here.

For the vanilla cream filling, however, you’ll be able to just about use no matter sweetener floats your boat. however it should be fine. We’ve take a look at driven it with Swerve, xylitol and Pyure and it works nice with all 3.

So get your liquidizer out, ensure it’s utterly dry, and method your sweetener of selection till fine. simply ensure you wait many moments for the mud to settle before gap the liquidizer or kitchen lowcarb oero recipe appliance.

Or you will continuously grab a bag of fine Swerve (i.e. confectioner’s).

And if victimization xylitol, ensure to take care if you’ve got a pup round the house, as it’s extremely toxic to the tiny guys!

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On October 30th, 1992, Nirvana were booked to play a major show in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were so big at that point in time that they just about sold-out José Amalfitani Stadium, which can hold nearly fifty thousand people. Prior to their set, Kurt Cobain witnessed the negative reception their hand picked opening act received, and was so incensed that he considered canceling the gig. Nirvana ultimately did perform that night, but they were sloppy and their set-list was more than a little unusual, as they purposely incorporated rare songs from their catalogue that they knew most of the audience wouldn’t be familiar with, including a couple of unreleased numbers. It ended up being one of their oddest shows, and it was all captured on videotape by a professional film crew.

Kurt later shared his memories of the gig:

“When we played Buenos Aires, we brought this all-girl band over from Portland called Calamity Jane,” Kurt recalled. “During their entire set, the whole audience—it was a huge show with like sixty thousand people—was throwing money and everything out of their pockets, mud and rocks, just pelting them. Eventually the girls stormed off crying. It was terrible, one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, such a mass of sexism all at once. Krist, knowing my attitude about things like that, tried to talk me out of at least setting myself on fire or refusing to play. We ended up having fun, laughing at them (the audience). Before every song, I’d play the intro to ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and then stop. They didn’t realize that we were protesting against what they’d done. We played for about forty minutes, and most of the songs were off Incesticide, so they didn’t recognize anything. We wound up playing the secret noise song (‘Endless, Nameless’) that’s at the end of Nevermind, and because we were so in a rage and were just so pissed off about this whole situation, that song and whole set were one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.” (from Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects)

Kurt Cobain in Buenos Aires
Kurt in Buenos Aires

If you watch the show (which is embedded below), you’ll realize that Kurt was misremembering or embellishing a bit here and there. While they did unearth a handful of rarities from their odds-n-ends collection Incesticide (which hadn’t been released yet), as well as “All Apologies” (it later turned up on In Utero), they also played most of Nevermind (but not “Teen Spirit,” which they teased before two songs), and a few of the highlights from Bleach. One thing Kurt failed to mention that they most certainly did do to annoy the crowd, was open with a strange, jam-like number that those in attendance had definitely never heard before.

Unavailable on any of Nirvana’s archival releases and believed to have been performed at just this show, the track has come to be known by the most-excellent of titles, “Nobody Knows I’m New Wave”—though there is no documentation available to confirm its validity. The go-to source for Nirvana bootleg info, Live Nirvana, believes it is just a jam, largely due to official biographer Michael Azerrad’s assessment in his book, Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana:

“The first thing they played was an improvised jam, which deteriorated into a fifteen minute fest from Kurt, with breaks when he would stop to glare at the crowd.”

The circulating video of the show begins with “Nobody Knows I’m New Wave,” but lasts less than three minutes, so it’s difficult to know what Azerrad is referring to. Does the tape begin twelve-plus minutes after their set started? Or has Azerrad himself embellished or misremembered the event?

Though the majority of the lyrics were probably made up on the spot (including “I promise to shit on your head”; “I’m new wave/I’m old school”) and the racket they’re generating collapses after just a couple of minutes, structurally it does have a chorus, which makes me think it was somewhat worked out beforehand. Either way, this isn’t the sort of track most groups would start a stadium concert with.

In Come As You Are, Azerrad also notes that the band “had hardly practiced, their enthusiasm was low, and they played badly.” Regardless, there are some great moments, like the especially heavy version of “In Bloom” (though Kurt messes up a lot); when Dave Grohl brings a toy drum kit to the front of the stage for “Polly” (and Kurt cracks a smile); the aforementioned catharsis that is “Endless, Nameless”; and the intriguing opener. Is it a song or just a jam to piss-off the Argentineans? You decide.

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Ethanol: A Lethal Injection For Tumors

In the rich world, cancer therapy is expensive. In the developing world, it may not be available at all. Not only is cutting-edge technology in short supply, but so are things like electricity and medical personnel. The lack of necessary resources for basic healthcare is made obvious by the fact that, if diagnosed with cancer, a person in the developing world is more likely to die from it than a person in the developed world.

To help alleviate this problem, cheap, uncomplicated, portable, and preferably non-surgical treatments that do not require electricity are needed. Now, a team of researchers from Duke University has shown that injecting an ethanol-based gel directly into a specific type of tumor, called squamous cell carcinoma, resulted in a 100% cure rate in a hamster model.

The authors were already aware of a therapy known as ethanol ablation. If ethanol (the type of alcohol found in your favorite adult beverages) is injected into a tumor, it destroys proteins and causes the cells to dehydrate and die. Ethanol ablation is used to treat one type of liver cancer, and its success rate is similar to that of surgery. Better yet, it costs less than $5 per treatment.

Ethanol ablation faces several limitations. First, it only works well for tumors that are surrounded by a fibrous capsule. Second, it requires large amounts of ethanol, which can damage nearby tissue as it leaks out. And third, it requires multiple treatments.

To overcome these hurdles, the authors mixed ethanol with ethyl cellulose, creating a solution that when injected into the watery environment of a tumor turns into a gel, which remains close to the injection site. After they practiced injecting their solution into imitation tumors (what they called “mechanical phantoms”), the authors turned to a hamster model.

The team induced the formation of oral cancer (specifically, squamous cell carcinoma) in hamster cheek pouches by rubbing them with a carcinogen called DMBA. After about 22 weeks, tumors (without capsules) formed.

In the control group, tumors were injected with pure ethanol. The results were not good. After seven days, 0 of 5 tumors regressed completely. (Tumors injected with a large amount of ethanol — four times the volume of the original tumor — performed better: 4 of 12 regressed completely.) The results for the ethanol gel were far superior. After seven days, 6 of 7 tumors regressed completely. (By the eighth day, all 7 tumors were gone, for a cure rate of 100%.)

As merely a proof-of-concept in an animal model with small sample sizes, obviously more work needs to be done. Still, the results are incredibly promising. The team’s findings suggest that merely a single injection of their special ethanol-based gel may be sufficient to cure certain types of tumors. They believe their technique may be applicable to some breast cancers and cervical precancerous lesions.

Furthermore, any technological advances that result from the team’s research will have applicability not only to the developing world but to the developed one, as well.

Source: Robert Morhard, et al. “Development of enhanced ethanol ablation as an alternative to surgery in treatment of superficial solid tumors.” Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 8750. Published: 18-Aug-2017. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-09371-2

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Jurassic Survival Mod 1.1.20 – Unlimited Coins, Free Craft, Magic Split

fe644456613c96ccf6d2fd58c259b53904778a8d.jpg Name: Jurassic Survival
Version: 1.1.20
Root: Yes/No
Play Store: Jurassic Survival – Android Apps on Google Play

Mod Features:
– Item Duplication (Split an Item to get more)
– Free Crafting (Craft without required items)
– Free Building (Build without required…
Jurassic Survival Mod 1.1.20 – Unlimited Coins, Free Craft, Magic Split

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Real Steel World Robot Boxing – 34.34.998 MOD – Unlimited Money

Name: Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Version: 34.34.998
Root Needed?: NO
– Unlimited Money
– Adfree
Install Steps:
– Uninstall playstore version
– Install the modded apk
– Put obb data inside internal memory folder Android/obb/
Additional/optional instructions.
Spoiler – Download Original game from the store or any Server.
– Install, Rename OBB to {com.jumpgames.rswrbXXX}.
– Uninstall the Game.
– Install The Modded APK…
Real Steel World Robot Boxing – 34.34.998 MOD – Unlimited Money

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League of Stickman 2018 v5.2.1 [MOD]

Name: League of Stickman 2018
Version: 5.2.1
Root: No
1. Free Shopping
2. Skill no cooldown (Show timer but can use)
Install Steps:
Credits: ?
Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.dreamsky.stickman
Download Link:
League%20of%20Stickman%202018_5.2.1.apk – 94.5 MB
League of Stickman 2018 v5.2.1 [MOD]

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Cops N Robbers FPS Mega Mod 6.0.1 APK InfiniteAmmo/InstantKill/RapidFire/SuperSpeed And More

Name: Cops N Robbers – FPS Mine Mini Game
Version: 6.0.1
Play Store Link: Cops N Robbers – FPS Mini Game – Android Apps on Google Play
Root: No
Mod Features:
-Infinite Ammo
-Instant Kill
-Rapid Fire
-Max Bullet Armor Penetration
-Max Weapon Range
-Super Speed
-VIP Activated
-No Reload
-No Recoil
-No Spread…
Cops N Robbers FPS Mega Mod 6.0.1 APK InfiniteAmmo/InstantKill/RapidFire/SuperSpeed And More

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